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In politics nothing is worthy of emulation like social and political adjustment of a matured and responsible politician, a warm relating self to others.The inter-personal warmth subsumed under this criterion-intimacy and compassion.The intimacy aspect of warmth is seen in the person’s capacity to show deep love to his people. Compassion is reflected in the person’s ability to tolerate differences between self and others, thus allowing the person to show profound respect and appreciation for human condition.

Emotional security or self acceptance is another feature of a mature personality.The well rounded individual has fundamentally positive image of himself so that he can tolerate frustrating or irritating events as well as his own shortcomings without becoming inwardly bitter or hostile. He accept himself as a person and he can disappear in the nearest future. Such a person can deal with his emotional state in such a way that they do not interfere with the well-being of others.

The good life involves a wider range, greater richness,than the constricted living in which people found themselves now.To be part of good process means that the need for a better tomorrow became a necessity in our state affairs.What we need is vibrant leadership with a more sensitive living,with greater range of policies,greater variety and greater richness.

If individual cannot differentiate and symbolize aspect of himself and his environment,his behavior in turn will not be adequate.He will also be unable to resolve threatening situations when they confront him for if he does not recognize threat how can he be expected to deal with it effectively.If people give you mandate you should then work for their sake and not for your sake.

I feel better to neutralize my self and feels much comforted to accept destiny as it comes. I truly believe nothing good comes in a flatter of Gold. Every citizen has right over his wants of choice one person choice can be different from another person’s choice but some time not all choice are made wisely.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Do we look at adversity, challenge and controversy and give up, throwing our hands up in despair not knowing what to do and thus doing nothing?

Each one of us is being tested and each one of us will have the opportunity to be measured as to how well we do.

Every man has a dream’…he had a vision, and he knew what it would take to have it come true, not necessarily what would happen along the way, but what it would take to succeed.

To be a man is not a day job. Life is always full of struggle nothing good comes in a flatter of gold. What makes one to triumph is his life endeavor is dedication, devotion and believes in destiny as it comes.

The nature of a man depends on his physiological needs; the most basic, powerful and obvious of all human needs is the need for physical survival. Admittedly, the social-physical environment provides for the satisfaction of primary needs for most people.

However if one of the needs remain unsatisfied, the individual rapidly became dominated by that need, so that other needs quickly become nonexistent or decidedly secondary. The chronically hungry person will never strive to compose music, construct person logical theories or build a brave a new world. Such person became pre occupied with getting something to eat.

The ironical form of human behavior is selfishness. It is crucial to the understanding of one myopic view, the devastating effect of behavior produced by lack of disciplined oriented charity, been chronicled in numerous experimental behavior effects brought about loss of vigor. Many times in life joy, sorrow, good and bad, heath and sickness life and death became the most unavoidable factors as influenced by time.

Understand you are part of a state in a nation,and what ever service you render in politcs,public or private sector to bring succor to others is like a seed sown.

I have two candidates in my mind and I believe and hold my optimism one of them will take care of our state comes 2019 if given the chance.

Needles to mention their names as at today they are the popurlar candidates and they belong to one party.

I share my views with every one in this networking. I believe in you as committed Bazanfare ,that we owe ourselves a responsibility of making a future Zamfara.

May Allah Bless us all amin.

By Muhammad Aliyu Alkali

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