The Return Of Dapchi Girls, By Sanusi Moyi

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Every right thiking Nigerian was in euphoria by the sudden news about the release of Dapchi girls in spite of the modus operandi in which they were returned. However, the oppositions perceived the incidence from different angle. For instance the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) through its National chairman, Uche Secondus and the National Publicity Secretary Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan as well as Ekiti state’s governor Fayose have all been reported to have said the Dapchi School girls saga was a stage managed and well-orchestrated plot to dupe and swindle Nigerians by the federal government.

Politicians have been playing with our intellects for so long just to achieve their selfish agenda. They achieved this through a divide and rule technique, and they have successfully divided us through the line of religion, region and ethnic. Today the amount of hatred among average Nigerian masses cannot be quantified. We so much hate ourselves while as the elites always seeing wine and dine together.

The Dapchi girl’s saga is just being politicised. What is baffling me is how the politicians especially, among the opposition wing are using this saga for political gain; they suddenly camouflaged and changed like chameleon.

Few days ago these same opposition were using the abduction as a campaign tool today its stage managed. These are the same people that have quickly accepted the abduction and mounted pressure on the government to rescue the girls; now that they have been released they came up with another ranting that the whole saga was a stage managed, what a double standard! From all indication these critics and wailers never in their minds wanted these girls to be released, they wished the girls never come back so as to use it to blackmail government and thereby score cheap popularity.

Another angle many people have been curious about is the way and manner the girls were abducted and brought back. Prior to the incidence, there have been a rumour that, all security men manning the street were removed; this has given a room for suspicion among Nigerians that, there was connivance between the dreaded group (Boko-haram) and the security. Some claimed that some people within the government who are benefiting from this crisis and therefore don’t want it to end hence, they orchestrated the abduction and use it to negotiate with government to get money in exchange for the girls.

There is another allegation that, five million Euros were paid as ransom while some Boko Haram fighters were exchanged for the federal government to secure the release of the girls, but the federal government debunked all these as mere speculation. They maintained that all the 106 persons were freed unconditionally and no money was paid for the release neither was there a prisoner swap to secure their release. Lai Muhammad reiterated that the abduction itself was a breach of the ceasefire talks between the insurgents and the government; hence it became a moral burden on the abductors.

Myself have initially doubted about the saga but, one has to use decorum, critical thinking when making any decision or judgement hence, I later rescind my thought. First we have to understand there are different strategies in combating Terrorism and Terrorist activities. There are many approaches to conflict resolution; there is what is called a win-win approach. This is a situation where through negotiation both the parties involved will come to term to work with the each other to find a win-win solution to the problem at hand – the one that most satisfies the concerns of both parties. The win-win approach sees conflict resolution as opportunities to come to a mutually beneficial result. In this situation both parties have benefit and compromise, it is a reciprocal relationship.

It is not tactically wise to always use force to achieve aim. To avoid collateral damage sometime mutual approach and negotiation is adopted. A time negotiation can provide what force cannot attract in terms of gaining. So in this scenario we should assume that government used this pattern so as to bring the girls back to their parent safely. We should assume that it was part of the negotiation that Journalist should not cover the incidence and soldiers should kept out of the scene while they were returning the girls; and for the fear of collateral damage government accept to these terms and conditions by removing all military and other forces along the road.

Reconciliation, ceasefire agreement and disarmament deal are not new things; they are all components of the war and peace process which have been practising everywhere, even among the so-called super powers. For instance, in Syria, Eastern Ghouta has been under siege by the Syrian government since 2013, and is the last rebel stronghold near the capital especially, the rebel group of Failat al-rahman. In February this year, Syrian government forces backed by Russian warplanes escalated the offensive on Eastern Ghouta with a relentless bombing that killed hundreds of people within days. Amnesty International said it amounted to war crimes.

United Nation has to come in to find a solution to the problem and this led to the UN Security Council which enforces Russia and Syria forces to cease fire for 30 days to allow the terrorist group to evacuate out of the province peacefully in return, the group will be disarmed. Right now the disarmament process is ongoing; it will even extend to other rebel groups such as “Fateh al-Sham etc”. Again on March 22, hundreds of opposition fighters and their families have been evacuated from the town of Harass. The evacuation comes as part of a deal brokered by the Syrian government’s principal ally, Russia, between fighters in Harass and a Syrian government delegation.

So I am not blaming federal government if they broker peace with the Boko haram so long as the agreement will bring peace to my country. Bokoharam is an ideological war, the fighters believed they are waging a war against the infidels and their government; for them, to emerge either as victorious or conquered are all the same because; they believe in whatever circumstances they will go to paradise at the end. To them so far as you are not with them whether you are Muslim or Christian or even animists you are an enemy hence, they will treat you the same way; we have seen many instances where they bombed mosques while Muslims are performing prayers.

Sometimes to broker peace with terrorist could be trickery especially, the exchange of money for it will open another way of making government a cash cow and also the most dangerous side is, it will strengthen the terrorist by providing them with a life wire (funds) to buy more sophisticated weapons to attack the innocent vulnerable citizens; never the less sometime one has no alternative rather than to succumb. This might not be a defeat but just a strategy. As a matter of fact, there is disconnect among the security agencies and other stakeholders such as the Nigeria communication commission etc. If there is adoption of proffer measures, coordination and strategy among all stakeholders, I believe these terrorists can be identified and plush out.

Never the less, we should not dwell too much on this matter by criticising the government effort; we should not bother much on the mode operandi of the girls release, instead we should appreciate the fact that the girls are backed safely. To call the process a stage managed by opposition I think it is inhuman, it is too much politics; if one of such girls happens to be our relation, will we be behaving like this, asking so many silly questions and doubting about the whole issue? Please, let the critics show decorum, sympathy and be human even if it is once.

On the remaining girl “Liah” who was held on ground of her religion, we hope the government will intensify its effort to bring her back to her family. BH activities are mocking and painting Islam black. There is nowhere in the Quran states that one most convert to Islam out of his inclination. Therefore enforcing the girl to accept Islam is their own interpretation because all Islamic jurisprudence agreed that, there is no compulsion Islam. Many verses of the holy Qur’an support this verdict among which is Chapter 2: 256 which states that, “There is no compulsion in religion”, meaning, “Do not force anyone to become Muslim, for Islam is plain and clear, and its proofs and evidence are plain and clear. Therefore, there is no need to force anyone to embrace Islam. One can only preach and allow people to use their God-given rational to decide.

God bless Nigeria.

By Sanusi Samaila Moyi

One thought on “The Return Of Dapchi Girls, By Sanusi Moyi”

  1. Very good pieces but am not convinced with this theory, am working with highly security organization base on my experience and I was in Yobe and Maiduguri in November December, last year. I don’t think you can spend 10kilomitter without Security check point. From Dapchi Zagora Gashua Damaturu High way is very secure, my question here is where is the security?
    2. Secondly where is the security when Book Haram bring the students back.
    3. I don’t think Book Haram can give those student VIP treatment.
    4. IS very had For Boko Haram to bring the captivity without any negotiations and ransom. People that are looking for innocent citizens to kill, Oga I believed him what my humble Senator Shehu Sani said Dapchi saga is Gatana Gizo da koki or Cartoon.

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