PMB And The Waning Trust, By Dr. Mikail Barau

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As an art student, perception is as important for me a tool for making conclusion as experience. I perceived PMB’s inability to deliver the promise of change in the first six months of the administration and made that public through updates that started in December 2015. That was done at the cost of being labelled impatient and sentimental.

Although I wish I was wrong, almost everyday in the life of the administration was marked by one failure or the other -today is prohibitive pump price and tomorrow is herdsmen attacks with its twin evil of cattle rustling; one day is drastic drop in the value of the Naira and the next day is condoning corruption from allies best exemplified by handling of the Babichir case; in a certain day it is lopsided distribution of Federal projects in another it is secret recruitments in critical state services… Each of these issues comes with loss of confidence among individuals or groups depending on their socio-political programming.

To focus on the most recent incident, the decision of PMB to visit Kano and attend the wedding of a daughter and son of two serving Governors was adjudged a misplaced priority in the context of national calamities happening around the same time namely abduction of about 100 school girls in Yobe State and the massacre of more than 40 people by bandits in Zamfara State that didn’t receive the gesture of physical presence of the President! From the comments flying around, this is one incident that shakes the confidence of a number of committed PMB fans.

Mine about Nigerians is a view of people that are extremely patient -forget about PMB’s impatient remark on our impatience. Some of us have been taught by experience to be outliers such that we only need to perceive problem and declare it with some dialectical tools especially in public context. Waiting to experience failure before talking or doing something about it defies the principle of productiveness with its attendant gains.

Somehow, one is encouraged to do that by experience: mine with Zamfara state government was an early warning of misgovernance that started very early in 2012 and was justified everyday by catastrophic and costly governance goofs till today.

As we look forward to 2019 and Nigeria’s general elections, it is worth using this moment to emphasize that PMB is far from being the agent of change we envisage as a nation.

He lacks the stamina and wisdom to deliver the properous Nigeria of our dream. While it pleases his fans to highlight that he commands some public presence to win elections, they should also bear with the stark reality that he doesn’t have what it takes to provide the minimum leadership that our complex nation desires.

By Dr. Mikail Barau

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