KILLINGS: Resign Now, You’re A Failure!, Sheikh Gumi To Buhari

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Ahmad Gumi, Kaduna-based radical Islamic cleric, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to resign over alleged killings under his administration.

During his commentaries in this year’s Ramadan tafsir, the Islamic leader has on several occasions criticised Mr Buhari and drew comparisons with Mr Jonathan’s administration.

Recalling how he asked Jonathan to resign in the heat of Boko Haram killings because he had “too much blood in his hand”, Mr Gumi on Friday presented a front page story of New Nigerian newspaper where he criticised Mr Jonathan to buttress his point.

“Why I blame Jonathan with blood in his hand because Boko Haram were putting bombs everywhere and government was not doing enough.

“Anybody killed under your regime, you are responsible for that blood. If you have done your best, I can say yes, Allah can forgive you. But if you are relaxed, no; Allah will not forgive you. So it is the same thing now.

“The bloodshed now is more than, combined together, the bloodshed during Jonathan’s regime.


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