Justice S.T Shinkafi And Verdict Of The Supremacy Of The Holy Qur’an

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Anas Sani Anka

I received the news of the detention of the Chairman of Gusau Local government Council, a Counselor and Ward Chairman of the All Progressive Congress by Zamfara State High Court Judge as victory for the spiritual powers and supremacy of the Holy Qur’an.

It is indeed shameful for the status of the Council Chairman to be involved in this mischievous act of humiliating our glorious Qur’an.

The alleged actions of Gusau Local Government Council Chairman and his likeminded partners has caused a national embarrassment for Zamfara State being a Shariah state.

Not many people in the state predicted that, a Shariah Court Judge can order for the detention of a Council Chairman no matter the gravity of his offense because of the nature of the political slavery Zamfara State people were subjected to by the so-called state political elites.

But today, Justice S.T Shinkafi has proven my assumptions in the contrary because he has been hailed for calling the most unpredictable shot.

For us the decision is excellent and timely and it is a giant steps for creating a new face for Zamfara state.

As for the State Government this is a big and shocking revelation that speaks volume about the characters that surrounded the present leadership cycle under Governor Yari and there is need for the Governor to do a thorough check on the characters that surrounded the administration.

I am sure more names will emerged with the recent development and Zamfara State citizens will be waiting with keen interest to see what support the present administration of Yari will do to support the position of Islamic Shariah as exhibited by Justice S.T. Shinkafi.

May God continue to safeguard his Holy book and indeed the religion of Islam

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