Full details on Ahmad Bature , Sokoto boy who sets records in NDA

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2nd Lieutenant Ahmed Buhari Bature, 22 from Sokoto State bags all the awards in his passing out parade from the Nigeria Defence Academy Kaduna.
His outstanding achievements won the admiration of many who have applauded tirelessly at the event whenever he is called forth to receive an award. He is described by the officers of the academy to be, charismatic, very hardworking and highly disciplined.
He joined the academy in 2012, studying B.Sc. Computer Science and his academic performance is also impressive because he is also the best in his department. Due to his impressive performance, young Bature has already become a prep winger as a third termer. This means he was training other cadets who joined the academy for short service.
At one point, when he was supposed to go to The Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst for further training, he was asked to stay simply because there was the need for other cadets to have him as a role model! A role model indeed! He will be remembered as a rare breed of cadet in the academy for many years to come.
However, in the final years of 2nd Lt. Bature, he emerged as the Academy Cadet Adjutant (ACA), which is the most prestigious post in the academy.
It is similar to a head boy or senior prefect in the secondary School. As the ACA, he administrated the largest cadets, amounting over 2,300, the largest ever in history. It means that he was in charge of the discipline of all of them.
When he was the ACA during his training, a statue of him was made, it stood there as symbol of respect, although it is the academy’s tradition for every ACA to have his statue standing during his time.
But indeed, 2nd Lt Bature is exceptional. So far he is the youngest ACA ever in history. He is also the first northerner to bag such awards. One thing you cannot fail to notice in his story is the fact that everything about him is “history”.
The awards Lt Bature got away with includes; The Indian Shied which is given to the best in cadet tactics, Gold medal army which is given to overall best in the army, Sword of honour which is given to the best all round in academics, military courses, character and discipline. 2nd Lt. Bature simply won all the awards!
The Youth of Sokoto State have yet another role model, who has proven his worth and that of the young people of Sokoto State. We at the Youth Council believe that if the Youth of Sokoto State are given the chance, such hardworking and excellent qualities that are inherent in our young people will come to light.
Hence, we urge the government of Sokoto State, to continue the good work of identifying the gifted young people of Sokoto State and honouring them in the best way possible. Inshaa Allah, we will all live to see 2nd Lt Ahmed Buhari Bature become a General in the Nigerian army. The kind of General that Nigeria and the world at large will be proud of. Therefore, our dear Bature, strive to be a good ambassador.
Build The Youth, Build the Nation!
Bello Bala Shagari,
Chairman NYCN

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