From Lazy Me, By Dr. Mikail Barau

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I drove some 670 kilometres from Sokoto to Abuja today alone. Stopped over in Mafara and Gusau for brief meetings. Read more than 30 emails received and reacted to about 11 urgent ones. Read all the hardly countable text and WhatsApp messages and responded to them accordingly. Initiated a number of calls; answered calls where there was convenience and followed up with all missed calls. One of the calls answered was for a petition I wrote and presented yesterday challenging the unethical conduct of a physician in one of the hospitals in Sokoto from his Head of Department.

I checked relevant platforms to catch up with events around at relevant intervals. Today is still relatively a light day for me. I know many Nigerian youths who are more hardworking. Yet, my President goes around to tell the world that we are lazy.

I wish I have been so lazy that I didn’t check the internet to see the news and too lazy not to write this.

I planned going to the office before 8am tomorrow but feel like changing my mind for the Mr. President to be right. After all, one shouldn’t shame a super President.

Oops, what else do we expect when we tell a 75-year old person that only he can lead the country!

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