Coalition, A Confusion Or Desperation?

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I have said this previously in my piece titled, “Rejoinder on Obasanjo Clarion Call” in which he advised Buhari not to seek second tenure that, Obasanjo is in confusion. In the current democratic setup, no man or group of people could install someone on any other political position in this country without routing through the political platform. In that piece of writing I mentioned that, Obasanjo is just confused and his confession that, “neither the APC nor the PDP can rescue Nigeria, adding that both parties were wobbling” shows that our problem is not squarely on individual or the platform in which such individual contests but rather, the major problem is on the entire system.

The structure in which the country is being erected needs total overhaul and until this is done, we attaining the radical changes we are all yearning for will remained a mirage. Even the so call proposed “Coalition for Nigeria Movement” by the same Obasanjo will never be a solution to our predicament; it is just a balderdash and waste of time. Will the people forming the new platform come from heaven or moon? Or what will be the criteria for the selection of membership of the coalition to the new party? I am very certain the business will continue to be as usual that is to say, politicians from APC, APGA, PDP or whatever party will start shifting allegiance to this so-called movement. For God sake what will this change?

Furthermore, Obasnjo’s recent statement during a courtesy visit by a youth group from Delta State, led by a governorship aspirant, Frank Ufuoma Esanubi, proved what I have said very right. He mentioned that, he has no prioriority over any candidates and even the Coalition he is spearheading will seize to become a member the moment the coalition metamorphosed to a partisan politics. So who is he fooling who? And if one may ask how this so-called coalition will achieve it’s aim of galvanising the youths ad have a chance to spearheading the affairs of this nation as he reiterate if the coalition do not transform to a political party? He mentioned that all the previous governments have failed by not involving the grassroots in the affairs of governance which I quite agree but, I don’t think the members of this coalition will do otherwise when given opportunity looking at their composition. They are the same crop of old politicians, the looters of our common-wealths who have unapologetically failed us but, are now trying to bounce back through the back door.

We did not forget how these two prominent people (Obasanjo and IBB) put Nigeria into a political unrest through their failed efforts to prolong their stay in office. IBB did all he could to prolong his corrupt and dictatorial military but pressure different angles of this nation especially from the South West made him to succumb and left office unceremoniously. The Ghana most to go saga and unconstitutional Third Term Agenda of Baba Iyabo is still fresh in most of Nigerians. Liike I have always used to say, this is a democracy we all have our right to form a peaceful gathering and association and also to chose whoever we want; but Nigerians are now wise enough therefore, they will never allowed people like Obasanjo and IBB or any other political juggernaut to command them on who to support come 2019 at least, they (Nigerians) are not blinds. They will use their God’s given rational to wisely choose the right candidate whom they feel is the most suitable for the job.

Burahi is not perfect he has his weaknesses, and there are lots of issues that need urgent attention; but in as much as the likes of, Sule Lamido, Atiku, Duke and Kwankwaso including Ezekwesele etc remained the only available options then forget it there is no better option on the field and for 2019 Buhari will remained people’s choice because on the scale of 10 where ever these people score 4 Buhari will surely score 7.

God bless Nigeria.
Sanusi Sama’ila Moyi

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